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“And I’ll see what you’ve chained to your sorrow, All your sheep and your lilies of snow”

“And I’ll yield to the flood of your beauty My cheap violin and my cross And you’ll carry me down on your dancing To the pools that you lift on your wrist” Leonard Cohen’s poetry in “Take This Waltz.” Clip from Leonard Cohen’s Live In London (2009) DVD And here’s a wonderful biography of Leonard … Continue reading

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“I tossed myself around like a cork for most of my life.”

Antony Hegarty singing Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will I’m still reading Sylvie Simmons’s biography of Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man. It’s a wonderful book about a wonderful man 🙂 Here’s about the time she met 19-year-old Suzanne Elrod: “When she told the man she lived with [a wealthy guy, much older (than even … Continue reading

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“Although he had been brought up with so much, Leonard [Cohen] was happy with very little.

He thrived in the Mediterranean climate. Every morning he would rise with the sun, just as the local workmen did, and start his work. After a few hours writing he would walk down the narrow, winding streets, a towel flung over one shoulder, to swim in the sea. […] At night he walked back again … Continue reading

Leonard Cohen

I’m Your Woman

I was listening to Radio Romania Cultural the other day, to poetry readings somewhere in Bucharest. I was thinking how much poets talk to God. It surprised me, because the poetry pages of literary magazines are filled with sexuality. And yet these guys on the radio were turning to God again and again. What’s the … Continue reading