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“[Human beings] are destined to be perpetual amateurs—they don’t live long enough to be anything more. What can one do in a mere seventy or eighty years? During the first part of their lives, it’s all haste and fornication. Thenceforward most of their efforts go into staying alive.”

Hannah Rothschild, descendant of the Rothschild banking family and Chair of the Board at the National Gallery in London, wrote a captivating quirky book about art and society called The Improbability of Love. It’s a book worth reading if you’re an art lover. The descriptions of places and people are colorful, and some quotes really … Continue reading

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Cute, Funny, Thoughtful, or Snarky Thinking of You Gifts

I’ve been active on Zazzle lately, sending gifts to people mainly to tell them that I’m thinking of them. I used to shop on Amazon for these gifts but Zazzle is more fun. For one, can send personalized cards with the gifts – whereas Amazon, in some cases, doesn’t even let you designate a purchase … Continue reading