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Thinking of Cute Little Babies

A good friend of mine has had a baby last year. His arrival got me so excited that I designed two series of monogrammed bodysuits for both boys and girls. They are finally getting noticed on Zazzle. I thought I’d post them again here as well because I’m rather proud of them.

G for George, Gabriel, Gabe, Gavin, Greg, Gordon, Glen, Grant, Garrett, and more


W for Wendy, Wendi, Wenda, Walker, Walda, Winona, Waverley, Whitney, and so on


M for Mabel, Madison, Maddie, Margaret, Manuela, Marianne, Marcella, Melinda, Mollie, Morgan, Miranda, Maude, Mary, and others


And many more where these came from. Here’s my store. The bodysuits are under Monogrammed Baby Clothes 🙂


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