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Newborn Baby on the Horizon? :)


I’m expecting a dear friend’s baby next month, and the whole excitement got me creating bodysuits for newborns, because I’ve often looked for certain designs in bodysuits and never found them in stores. So it was time to create some custom rompers myself. Here are some of them.

First, a W monogram for a little Wally, William, Wesley, etc. out there. Not the letter you need? Check out my Monogrammed Baby Clothes category in my Zazzle store, and you’ll find what you need (if your monogram is one of the letters of the English alphabet).

You can use these blue monograms for girls, too, but I have made some dark pink ones as well. Here’s one for the Sandy, Sabrina, Sandrine, etc. special little girl about to come into your life. (NB: These bodysuits are good for first or second birthdays as well. Just choose the right size.)


If monograms somehow don’t do it for you and you are looking for some fun bodysuits, I have made a few rompers like that as well.

Here’s one ORiGiNAL bodysuit:


and here a “sweet change of life” infant creeper. (I started from the phrase “change-of-life baby,” which is sometimes used for baby’s who arrive late in the mother’s life, by the time other women are on menopause. In the past “change-of-life babies” were surprise babies–which worked to their benefit the mother’s irregular periods–but now the phrase is used of planned babies as well.)


What else? I’ve made some “lil’ sis” bodysuits as well:


As I got rolling with these rompers, I also made some more common “I ♥ Mommy” and “I ♥ Daddy” ones, as well as bodysuits where you can personalize the name of the baby. See below

I [Heart] Mommy Pink Bodysuit
I [Heart] Mommy Pink Bodysuit by Mira_2012
View I love mommy T-Shirts online at zazzle
I [Heart] Daddy White Bodysuit
I [Heart] Daddy White Bodysuit by Mira_2012
Browse I love dad T-Shirts online at


But my favorites remain the monogrammed ones with the floral border. Here’s one for Evan, Emmett, Edgar, and so on


and one for a baby girl whose name starts with an E: a little Emily, perhaps, or Emma, Emilia . . .?

Monogrammed Bodysuit Letter E Frame Flowers
Monogrammed Bodysuit Letter E Frame Flowers by Mira_2012
Check out more Elegant cursive e monogram T-Shirts at Zazzle

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