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Book review of Craig A. Hart's novel Becoming Moon

Becoming Moon, by Craig A. Hart. Book Review

I finished Craig A. Hart’s novel Becoming Moon a couple of days ago, and was quite impressed with the authorial voice in it. Also with the way he tells the different stories. (Warning: Spoilers)

The book is about a washed-out writer who becomes a ghost pen wielder for an older writer, Nigel Moon, suffering of bouts of dementia. Our younger writer is not that healthy himself: he drinks a lot and suffers from hallucinations. Becoming Moon starts with the two men’s interaction somewhere in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and then moves back in time to provide some background on the narrator’s upbringing. As it does so, we switch to a young boy first living within the austere boundaries of Christ’s Apostolic Church, and then rebelling against them. There are mini-stories in this section which make for a very nice coming-of-age story.

We then get back to where the narrator is already a writer. One that has written five or six novels but can’t publish anything, and complains that the system is rigged by university professors, publishers, etc. who take under their wings hopeful writers and propel them to stardom. So our writer decides it’s time to muffle his conscience, tread on his principles, and betray some friends in the process, in order to get published. And he does. But he doesn’t achieve a lasting result, which is why he looks for another unprincipled way to get out of his pickle. And he finds it in the end. And end which I adored!

Now, you may think I told you too much about the book, but I assure you Becoming Moon is a book worth reading. Craig A. Hart writes with smooth assurance, and the book is a delightful page-turner.



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