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ORiGiNAL T-Shirt Series

I was walking around town a few days ago and couldn’t believe how many people wore custom T-shirts: young people with all sorts of “love” or more snarky messages, elder people with university shirts they probably found in second-hand stores, and people who wore messages that had nothing to do with how they appeared: for instance a frump woman wearing a cutesy design about Paris and amour.

And then I saw someone with a slogan about some “original” something. And I figured no one advertised themselves as original. (Don’t even get me started on a girl who actually tattooed the Nike sign on the back of her neck.)

So I’ve started an ORiGiNAL tee series. I hope you like it 😉



ORiGiNAL (© Mira) Women's Tee
ORiGiNAL (© Mira) Women’s Tee by Mira_2012
Check out other Original T-Shirts at



ORiGiNAL (© Mira) Women's Tank Top
ORiGiNAL (© Mira) Women’s Tank Top by Mira_2012
Look at Original text stencil rusted plastic T-Shirts online at

One thought on “ORiGiNAL T-Shirt Series

  1. Mira, It’s an “orIgInal” message that allows viewers and wearers to come up with their own ideas as to what is “ORiGiNAL”!

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