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Cute, Funny, Thoughtful, or Snarky Thinking of You Gifts

I’ve been active on Zazzle lately, sending gifts to people mainly to tell them that I’m thinking of them. I used to shop on Amazon for these gifts but Zazzle is more fun. For one, can send personalized cards with the gifts – whereas Amazon, in some cases, doesn’t even let you designate a purchase as a gift and the recipient gets to see the actual amount you spent – not the ideal way to offer a present. So I tend to shop more on Zazzle these days, especially as they often give you 10% off your next order on top of whatever discount they already run on the site. Today, for instance, I got a shirt at half the price.

Of course, Z. is not perfect either. After sharing the news to a few friends upon placing an order, I was promised $10 off my next purchase (the email was a bit weird, admittedly: “Here is your special surprise offer: $10.00 off order of ##orderAmount## or more at DKQUXQUBJKMZSWCLXHFH. This code expires on ##expiration_date##”), but when I tried to apply that promotional code nothing happened. I wrote to Zazzle Support and hope to get those ten dollars next time.

Enough with the intro. Here are some Thinking of You gifts from Zazzle, ranging from sweet to thoughtful to snarky, that appealed to me when I browsed the site.

First, some cute and funny thinking of you cards.

Thinking of you greeting card
Thinking of you greeting card by deemac1
Check out Thinking of you Cards online at zazzle
Snowdrop the Maltese "Thinking of You" Card
Snowdrop the Maltese “Thinking of You” Card by MoragBates
Look at Maltese dog expressions Cards online at


Some thoughtful and funny cards for encouragement

When life throws you lemons, grab a cuppa


Keep smiling

Browse more Cartoon Cards at Zazzle


Life requires determination. And tea


Keep the faith (and drink tea)

Keep the faith, with cup of tea greeting card
Keep the faith, with cup of tea greeting card by Mira_2012
Check out other Keep the faith tea quote Cards at


Now onto the snarky statements

Here’s a queen bee T-shirt, for a more subtle dig


If someone hurt you feelings but you care about the person, then you can send that person the Thinking of You (Asshole) funny mug. Now the question is, would that person like the mug on their desk, advertising to everyone their character in this way. Funny thing is, they may. I’ve actually met people who pride themselves on being bitter and cynical assholes, so they’re not just literary inventions. If your friend is (a little) like that, this mug may brighten up his or her day.


Now if someone really hurt you and you want to pay them back somehow, you can try attaching a magnet on their fridge when they’re not looking. This one reads, “Jesus loves you . . . everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.”

Jesus loves you 2 inch round magnet
Jesus loves you 2 inch round magnet by ironydesign
Find other Jesus loves you Magnets at


Or you can try this other magnet, with “Don’t make me go all honey badger on your a$$”


On the more fun side, there’s this tee with “I don’t like morning people. Or mornings. Or people.”

I Don't Like Morning People Tshirt
I Don’t Like Morning People Tshirt by SpurCollective
Check out other Morning T-Shirts at


. . . or this one

Snarky T Shirt
Snarky T Shirt by maboles
Find other Maboles T-Shirts at


And if your friend has gone AWOL on you, try calling his or her attention with this “lost in thought / send search party” T-shirt:


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