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The Revenant Characters Didn’t Do It for Me

the revenantThere’s a scene in The Revenant where a placard reads “On est tous des sauvages” (“We are all savages”). It seems to be what this movie wanted to be about, to the detriment of character development, emotional reach, human warmth, and bonding between members of the hunting team. It succeeds, however, in showing the savage men as part of savage nature.

The landscape visuals subvert out expectations with their low saturation and bleakness. If they were luscious, we would have delighted in their beauty, but this is not that kind of beauty. It’s primal wilderness and emptiness, which resonates with the kind of characters that we’re shown. So maybe that was the point of the movie all along.

Either way, it’s something worth watching for the cinematography, the jibe between characters and nature, some powerful scenes, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s grit. But I don’t think it’s his best performance because he simply didn’t have the part for that.


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