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Have you tried MOOCs (massive open online courses)?

Check out MOOCs today

MOOCs are wonderful

MOOCs are great. I’m taking a fabulous class on Social Psychology from Wesleyan University, and a beautiful class on Modern and Contemporary American Poetry from University of Pennsylvania, among others. The first one has dynamic lectures, punctuated by all sorts of visual information and snippets from social psychology experiments (something I so wished to have seen in my social psychology classes here in Romania, where we were described the experiments without having the option to actually see how the subjects reacted or some of the tools with which the experiment was conducted), and the second has discussions with the professor and a group of university students, which are fun to listen to and watch.

If you’ve already taken some MOOCs and are pondering their value, I’d love to read your comments. I, for one, wrote an article about MOOCs on another site: you’re welcome to read that one as well. It’s called: Are MOOCs Worth It?

Photo by NEALnz (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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