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The story of Pinterest, a site now valued at $5 billion

The story of Pinterest: how it all got started, its stats over time, where it is now

Some of My Boards on Pinterest

Here’s a short version of the story of Pinterest, a site and business I’m rather excited about. Its look, which inspired many other sites, and the time of latest-generation mobile devices are a perfect fit. Also, its promoted pins will be less intrusive than other advertisement (read the article to see why) and quite helpful for people searching on Pinterest. Thirdly, Pinterest is one social media site that inspires you to live your life more fully and richly away from your computer and mobile devices, as well as in front of them — and by the latter I mean things like writing articles which could promote products as well as develop your writing style. Pinterest does help traffic and sites like Wizzley and Zazzle make it possible for you to earn an income online writing  and designing products.

Here are a few other things about Pinterest: its stats, its history and a few things about its founders, and so on:

Pinterest Now Valued at 5 Billion




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