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“I act because I’d go crazy if I didn’t”

It seems like an easy thing to say, and one that people don’t really stop to consider. And yet there are actors whose acting is a search for truths about life and human nature within themselves. You know what they say, all the characters they play are already in them.

I’m writing this post after seeing some shorts at the DaKINO film festival today. The piece with the quote I give as title was actually produced by a first-year student in his first semester. It was rather good. Of course some of these heartfelt thoughts about art and acting need to be a little less impetuous and candid, but seeing people go into filming with such passion is good, because there are many young’uns who are so blasé, who think they have seen it all, understood it all, and who often don’t even bother with people who don’t know their film culture.

Anyway, the guy who did Meeting Edmund Kean, meditating on life and acting and the life of an actor is Andrei Răuțu.

“The desire to watch TV no matter what’s on it” (Philip K. Dick) is not a luxury some people have.


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