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Hint: He crossed America in a black London cab

Stephen Fry in America BBC Documentary

Masks, Mardi Gras, New Orleans

He made his own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (sweet). Went to a body farm (not so sweet). Went down in a mine, where he could barely fit (I’m making rhymes now). Hint: He’s 5ft 4.5in tall (194 cm). Got high in a hot air balloon. Got on a horse, thinking it won’t break into a trot. Went to a dance club to see snowbirds and tell us he doesn’t like to dance. Glided through the Everglades on a chair-looking thing in a boat, looking like a king overlooking a playground. Yes, he’s Stephen Fry traveling through America.

More about his trip through the 50 American states here:

Stephen Fry in America: The First Three Episodes of the Six-Part BBC Series


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