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Ioan Banescu — Lending a Hand

A week ago I bought a book from the series MasterChef. It came with the Romanian newspaper Libertatea. I don’t buy this newspaper but it looks like there’s some merit to it after all: on the first page there was an appeal for treatment money for Ioan Banescu, a talented guitarist.

There was something in the way he turned to music in these dark times that made me write this. I do it a week later because I only read the article two days ago. And then I didn’t know what to do. Eventually, I figured I may be able to help if I do this.

Ioan Robert Banescu is 15. His cancer was discovered this year. He has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which can be treated with a marrow transplant. He is now at a clinic in Vienna doing chemo. The whole treatment costs 50,000 euros. People stepped up to donate and now he needs “only” 5,000 euros. It may seem like he will get this money too, easily, but such efforts sometimes fizz out at the end, when people find out that others have helped so much, so gathering these 5,000 may be the hardest.

Here’s a video with Ioan Banescu, and here’s how you may be able to help. If not, maybe you could pass this on.

Accounts opened at ING Bank. Name of Istrate Ani Roxana
EURO account: RO71INGB0000999903912419
LEI account: RO61INGB0000999902012272


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