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“I tossed myself around like a cork for most of my life.”

Antony Hegarty singing Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will

I’m still reading Sylvie Simmons’s biography of Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man. It’s a wonderful book about a wonderful man 🙂

Here’s about the time she met 19-year-old Suzanne Elrod:
“When she told the man she lived with [a wealthy guy, much older (than even Leonard, who was 34 at the time)] that she was leaving, he insisted on meeting ‘the poor poet’ who had usurped him, and organized a dinner for the three of them. Then, ‘he locked himself in one o the suites for hours and listened to the music and read the books he had his chauffeur go out and buy of Leonard’s. He came out and said he at least felt I was leaving him for someone worthwhile.”

The story goes on, with Leonard Cohen taking this Suzanne to his white house on Greece on Hydra, to his cabin in Tennessee . . .
“The rodeo rider ‘would come by, uninvited and often drunk, to tell sometimes hilarious, sometimes insipid stories while he spat on the floor and dug his cowboy boot heels, spurs and all, in to the wood floors, and slapped his hand on his knee saying, “But ain’t we having fun!” Sometimes he was fascinating,” says Suzanne, and we laughed and kept him drunk. Sometimes we got rid of him as fast as we could, politely, without being shot.”

The book is a really pleasant and often surprising ride, with lots of life and fun injected by various ministories and interviews.
Sylvie Simmons’s biography of Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man

I’m also reading The Favorite Game, a novel (his first) he published in the early twenties. It’s really good. Not many people could write like that in their twenties. I’m half-way through this one as well. Critics keep comparing it to The Catcher in the Rye. It’s a beautiful, lyrical, very poignant coming-of-age story.


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