Halloween / Party invites

Quality Halloween Party Invitations

Zazzle designers have put up nice party invitations for Halloween (if “nice” works with Halloween; I don’t know). Each shows a lot of attention to the design, and nice compositions. Enjoy!

Spooky Mummy Cat, designed by Lisa Marie Robinson. I really liked it. I thought it must be common fare for Halloween and I missed it, but found no other kitty like this on Google Images (at least among the first hundred) wrapped in bandages, like a mummy.

Then there’s a cute one for little tods who might be scared even by that mummy cat:

Halloween Party Invitation
Halloween Party Invitation by eventfulcards
Check out more Halloween Invitations at Zazzle

Then there’s a scarecrow and some angry pumpkins in the field (sorry, feeding Google some words to see these images)

… then a Halloween party invite with ghosts and bats (again, the usual fare, haunted house):

and others. Check them out. Zazzle has discounts over many of the days leading up to Halloween.

Oh, and if you’re hosting a pumpkin carving contest on Halloween you’ll need something like this:


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