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Books as Bait

Books and jewelry in downtown Bucharest, next to St. Anton's Church

Fair near St. Anton’s Church in downtown Bucharest

I was walking in the Old Town in Bucharest the other day, and there was a fair (jewelry mostly) next to St. Anton’s Church (near Unirii Square). I noticed there were small stacks of books on most tables. I realized that after I veered from one table to another checking out those books. What a wonderful bait, I thought. To me, they were powerful than the jewelry. And yet they were there only as a favor to someone, who wanted to sell some books this way. Pretty good books, too.

Some photos (August 6, 2013)

Books and jewelry, fair in Bucharest, next to St. Anton's Church

More books

Tirg de bijuterii, carti si antichitati in Bucuresti, linga Biserica Sf. Anton

And again . . .

Biserica Sf. Anton, linga Piata Unirii, Bucuresti

St. Anton’s Church, downtown Bucharest

Biserica Sf. Anton, Schimbarea la Fata, 6 august 2013

St. Anton’s Church again — and a surprised biker 😉

It was the day the Orthodox Church celebrated the Transfiguration of Christ. Here’s from Orthodoxwiki:
Jesus had gone with his disciples Peter, James, and John to Mount Tabor. Christ’s appearance was changed while they watched into a glorious radiant figure. There appeared Elijah and Moses, speaking with Jesus. The disciples were amazed and terribly afraid.

Now, I don’t know how I got from books as bait to religion, but I thought I’d mention the feast since it was the reason the fair was held there on that day.


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