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Resin, oak, and (formerly) toast in your wine

It appears that in Ancient Egypt amphorae were coated with resin, and even when they weren’t, there was resin and clay sealing pinewood stoppers that gave wine a certain flavor and prevented it from spoiling. Today’s retsina in Greece still uses resin. Nowadays in the New World you can find wines that are “oak aged.” … Continue reading

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Clear Champagne and Clear Glasses, and some notes on making Amarone (della Valpolicella) and Valpolicella

I’d never given much thought to the whole cultural questions regarding wine and the societal developments which paralleled and influenced it, but here’s one: the invention of lead glass and lead crystal, which translated into even more brilliant goblets (although it also enabled glass goblets to be etched) became in time the impetus for Champagne … Continue reading