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Eggplant salad/spread

Of all the books I post online here and there, Nicolae Klepper’s Taste of Romania is the one that gets the most attention.

Eggplant salad/spread, too, gets a lot of attention on my Romanian Recipes board on Pinterest. Nicolae Klepper’s eggplant salad is very similar with mine in that it uses olive oil — the vast majority of Romanian eggplant salad recipes call for mayonnaise. People also use sunflower seed oil in the country, rather than olive oil. I think olive oil is not only healthier, but better to the taste as well.

Here’s what else you can expect from Taste of Romania
— savory dishes
— user-friendly recipes
— bits about Romanian culture, to better understand the context for dishes like polenta, or to simply enjoy a bit of Romania as you’re preparing a meal for your Romanian boyfriend/girlfriend or guests who love the country

Some of the dishes included are:

stuffed cabbage rolls
Romanian lamb haggis (I love it!)
fish ciorba (sour soup), also very good
eggplant salad
pickled vegetables — very good for your health, by the way!
Romanian panettone
trout with almonds and sour cream

Basically everything you need for traditional meals at Christmas or Easter time, as well as many other popular dishes.

Enjoy Taste of Romania!


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