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He was a real writer — I mean that he could not have been anything else.

Granta literary magazine, #106

Granta 106. New Fiction Special.

(Mavis Gallant about John Updike)

I picked up an issue (#106: New Fiction Special) of Granta at the bookstore a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to reading it. I started with Jhumpa Lahiri’s interview with Mavis Gallant about the Canadian writer’s years in Paris, and about the craft of writing and her insights into it at the age of 85. I really enjoyed it. True, it’s rather long, but it did do the trick: I’m off to read Mavis Gallant, especially as I’m so fond of short stories, and a fan of those I got to read in print in The New Yorker at one point in time.

Here’s Mavis Gallant with a 2002 short story collection, Paris Stories (New York Review Books Classics). Mavis Gallant has published more than 100 stories in The New Yorker. More than any other writer, it appears.

Speaking of short stories, this issue of Granta includes the amazing Ha Jin and Amy Bloom among the contributors. I didn’t realize Granta was available on Amazon, or else I would have ordered it a long time ago. You don’t have to subscribe to get a taste of the magazine. Then, again, this and all literary journals can be quite different from issue to issue.


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