Clint Eastwood

Matt Damon directed by Clint Eastwood

Hereafter (2010), directed by Clint Eastwood. Movie review

Hereafter (2010), with Matt Damon, directed by Clint Eastwood

I recently watched Hereafter, with Matt Damon, directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s a multi-strand story about an American psychic/blue-collar worker from San Francisco, a French TV reporter from Paris, and a set of twins (boys) from London. I found myself pretty much transfixed by the slow-moving drama which bears the hallmark of Clint Eastwood in things big and small. In fact, it has Clint Eastwood written all over it. In every gesture of the face and body, in the one-on-one scenes between lovers and would-be lovers, and brothers, etc., the way and speed with which emotions unfold, the pace at which the stories unfold, and so on. I absolutely love Clint Eastwood and this movie is a must for any fan.

I wrote a short review on Wizzley, including very few spoilers. Here it is:

Hereafter (2010), with Matt Damon, Directed by Clint Eastwood


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