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Half Extravert, Half Introvert

IMG_0195_girl_iasi_parcul_expozitiei_forget-me-notsI have always been half extravert, half introvert. I need to be with people, but I also need time apart from people, with my books and my writing. I like going to movies and taking walks with friends, but I also like to do these things alone. When I’m alone in a park, I like to observe people and take photos of those whom I find interesting in some way, or who evoke a certain emotion.

As for interacting with people, I like to meet new people, but don’t like hanging out with groups much, because the group dynamics many times seems to be the kind where everyone tries to be more than what they really are (in my humble opinion). I much prefer one-to-one interactions with close friends or people I’m getting to know who I have decided are friend material. That said, I do like a group when it’s a group of friends and have many wonderful memories from a certain time in my life when I was part of a group that would have great parties, and great dancing out on the town.

How do YOU go through life? Have you stopped to think if maybe you, too, are half extravert, half introvert? If so, do you manage to cover both types of needs, and give them both equal attention?


2 thoughts on “Half Extravert, Half Introvert

  1. I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I, too, need time to get away and write, read, or photograph. But I have several close friends who I love spending time with. Try joining a book club (your local library may have one–or you can start one with your close friends) or plan to get together with some friends to share what you all have written.
    Personally, I enjoy camping. It gives me an oppertunity to either meet new people on the campsite or to stay in the comfort of my own tent and to read out on the hammock.

  2. Totally agree. I’m mostly introvert, but sometimes I can be as extroverted as anyone. The closer to home I am, the more introverted I tend to be, for some reason. Thoughtful post. I too remember awesome group experiences, but sadly it has been quite a long time now.

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