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Pascua Florida, or how the state of Florida got its name, and more

Decorated Easter Eggs, Romanian-Style

Decorated Easter Eggs, Palm Sunday Crafts Fair, Village Museum, Bucharest

Juan Ponce de León, the first governor of Puerto Rico, landed during the Easter Week of 5013 on what he believed was an island, and called it Florida from Pascua Florida, the Spanish name for either Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, or Easter Week (I found mentions of all three; if you come from a Spanish-speaking country, please enlighten the rest of us). So this was the Florida (state) tidbit. Pascua Florida Day is celebrated as Florida State Day on April 2, unless April 2 falls on a weekend.

Moving now to Romania. For Orthodox Christians, Easter Sunday is next Sunday. So this past Sunday was Palm Sunday / Branch Sunday / Willow Sunday.  We celebrated it here in Bucharest with willow wreaths and a crafts fair at the Village Museum. It was beautiful. We had decorated Easter eggs, embroidered folk costumes, ceramics and other crafts and art, music, food, the trees in bloom — what more could you want?

To see more photos, check out my article on Wizzley:
Palm Sunday Crafts Fair at the Village Museum in Bucharest


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