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Wear the old coat and buy the new book

I saw this quote on a silver-plate necklace on Zazzle and instantly liked it. It expresses a sentiment I’ve long had. You see, most often than not I derive pleasure out of wearing old clothes and not spending money on new ones, rather than the other way around. That pleasure has to do with the joy of practicing restraint and saving money for things which I know are more important to me.

Yes, I do buy clothes, a few items every year here in Romania, and also a few items when I travel abroad and see wonderful “things” at great prices, including second-hand clothes (nice clothes are rather expensive here in Romania; I’m talking $33 for a shirt at Marks & Spencer — a British retailer — at the lowest, and $70 at the highest). I’m also guilty of one major shopping spree a few years back. But overall I guess I can say I buy very few items of clothing. It also helps that I never throw away old clothes, unless they’re really well-worn. I would like to give some of my clothes away, but my mother, who feels strongly about not throwing away clothes, is against it. And while I’m my own person, I don’t see why I should upset her, since I still have room for my clothes, including some from my teenage days. It feels strange in this day and age, where everything changes so fast, but then again, I also have a digital camera in my purse that dates back to 2004.

In fact, I’m beginning to see my mother’s point. Old clothes you forget about can feel like new clothes.

So anyway, my point is that I’d rather spend my money on books and movies and certain trinkets such as cheap gemstones and gemstone or bead necklaces than on clothes.

And I like to go out now and then. And have a nice (and by that I don’t mean expensive) vacation now and then, too. So I do spend money. But I spend as little as I can on clothes.


2 thoughts on “Wear the old coat and buy the new book

  1. I love this! I did this exact thing yesterday when I went to a used bookstore. I stood in my ugly worn brown coat and thought, “Should I buy this book?” Of course, I sided with you – kept the old coat and bought the book 🙂

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