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Blogging Brings Out the Best in People

Have you realized the extent to which people blogging come up with wonderful posts, full of wisdom, love, and belief in a better self? I have just realized that a minute ago myself, and am amazed.

There are sociological theories about how carefully we manage the image we present to the world, but these posts are much more spontaneous and from the heart than that. Whether they’ve gone through a divorce or illness or dark times, bloggers seem to have one thing in common: they DO really want to be better people.

A great majority of posts convey positive thoughts and energies, which in itself makes one reconsider the proportion of positive people out there, but what surprises me more and more since I started blogging is how wonderfully good and wise people are.

I think that may have something to do with the fact that bloggers do some soul-searching each time they post something. Which makes me reconsider technology and social media. I used to think that social media took people away from meaningful interactions with other people. After starting to write blog posts as well as articles for a web 2.0 content site, I realize that social media might just help people get to know themselves better. Who’da thunk?


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