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Appreciate Your Apples

A while ago I put together a list of 10 health benefits that apples provide. I keep thinking back to that list when I don’t have that apple a day. Why is it that we know certain things are good for us, some even essential for good health, like exercise, and, I believe, apples (and if you go over my list you’ll see I may not be exaggerating), and yet don’t do them? I think it’s because the big picture of good health is hard to keep in mind at all times. And yet we maintain our health by making choices day after day, and many times a day at that.

Okay, enough with the lecturing. On to apples. It appears that an apple a day can lower bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) by 40% in 4 weeks. At least that’s what a recent study (conducted on people between 40 and 60) revealed. I find it hard to believe, but apples do lower cholesterol to an extent. It’s all to do with their polyphenols and their fiber. Studies also show apples can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and fight many types of cancers, among other things.

Here’s the article for more: 10 Reasons Why Apples Are Good For You

Health benefits of apples

Studies show apples have major health benefits.

Click on the image to go to the article.


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