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Remember Mariah in 1992? I’ll Be There, MTV Unplugged

I was watching a music channel on TV (music is such a wonderful gift to the soul) and saw Mariah with some song from 1995. She looked so young and beautiful! Not that she doesn’t now, but youth is a wonderful thing. I remembered her in the 1992 MTV Unplugged, now on DVD as MTV Unplugged + 3: Mariah Carey

One Amazon reviewer wrote:
“. . . And if you’re not a fan, you would be doing yourself a favor when you buy this one because you will surely become one.”

In I’ll Be There, Trey Lorenz provides some wonderful backup vocals! I always wondered why I didn’t see more of the guy.

I’m reading on Wikipedia that adding a cover of I’ll Be There (a Jackson 5 song) was a last-minute decision, and that Mariah and the band rehearsed it only a few times in the days before the show aired. Well, they were a talented lot, because this song is one of the best in the set. But the whole set is marvelous.

Here’s Mariah and Trey Lorenz singing I’ll Be There in 1992:


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