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Wrong (Too Long)

Just saw on TV that Depeche Mode will do a concert in Bucharest on May 15 this year. I’ve been wondering about them for a long time, given Dave Gahan’s health problems.

Once upon a time I was learning English through song lyrics. Some of theirs, written by Martin Gore, were among my favorites. I still have that old notebook with lyrics to every song they had out up until that moment in the nineties. Wonderful band. It will be great to see them in concert. I might have to go elsewhere in Europe since I don’t think I can make it on the 15th of May. If I do get to go abroad, I bet it will be great to see a different crowd in a huge concert. They’ll be in Hungary on the 21st. In London on the 28th and 29th. In Berlin on the 9th of June.

I am listening to Martin Gore right now. I love his singing too (not just the words), and I love their music, old and new! They’re releasing a new album in March.

I used to love A Question of Lust as a teenager, when lust was a new word. Enjoy!

Here are their DVDs:
Tour Of The Universe: Barcelona 20/21.11.09

Depeche Mode: Touring the Angel - Live in Milan

Depeche Mode: One Night in Paris - The Exciter Tour 2001 This last one is directed by Anton Corbijn. So is this: Depeche Mode -- Devotional

Among other things, Anton Corbijn directed the movie Control, about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. It’s an amazing little movie. One of the few truly memorable movies that make wonders with a small budget and powerful yet sparse artistic means. I didn’t check reviews of Control (2007) until now. I see it gets a score of 87% (critics) and 88% (audience) on rottentomatoes.

“Even if you have no interest in Joy Division, this picture is worth seeing for the unsentimental empathy and passion of the moviemaking.” (Michael Sragow, Baltimore Sun)


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