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Led Zeppelin at Kennedy Center Honors 2012

Learned from another blogger about Heart covering Stairway to Heaven at the Kennedy Center Honors, and found a great video on YouTube about Led Zeppelin over the years. So if you haven’t listened to their music or you want to review some great concert moments, here it is — the first 7 minutes that is; then there are some great covers by Foo Fighters, Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, and Anne & Nancy Wilson of Heart. The Heart cover comes with a nice surprise. I loved watching the facial expressions of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. They were sometimes amused, and sometimes deep in thought. And they seemed to have enjoyed the show tremendously.

I don’t know whether they’re the greatest rock band, as Jack Black says when he introduces them, because rock comes in many flavors and there are several huge bands out there and many great ones, but they’re certainly one of the greatest bands of all time. And as these great covers show, Led Zeppelin songs will continue to be performed. While there won’t be another Robert Plant or Jimmy Page, another John Paul Jones, or another John Bonham, they have inspired generations of singers / performers / musicians, and they will no doubt be rediscovered by many generations to come.


2 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin at Kennedy Center Honors 2012

  1. Been to the Zep-lat-hon a few times. A Zeppie fan I am, from 1967 on. Just Finished Jimmy Pages bio “Light & Darkness- Conversation with Jimmy Page.’ Excellent book.. Learned he produced the earliest of music by Epic (Eric) Clapton and its because of him we have those early recordings of his tunes.

    This is a brilliant video, great find. I am planning on doing a Legend Lead guitarist series in 2013 with Jimmy page being one of the leading posts. I wish I could say when… The series will be starting out with the history f guitars.

    RIP John Bonham There are drummers born today with sticks in their hands because of you. , You still Rock this soul~
    Jason Bonham Alright!

    • Thank you, Barefoot Baroness, for your great comment! Great to meet another Led Zep fan! It must have been wonderful to be of age back when all this great music of the late sixties and early seventies was created.

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