Leonard Cohen

I’m Your Woman

I was listening to Radio Romania Cultural the other day, to poetry readings somewhere in Bucharest. I was thinking how much poets talk to God. It surprised me, because the poetry pages of literary magazines are filled with sexuality. And yet these guys on the radio were turning to God again and again. What’s the stronger pull, God or sexuality? It’s hard to make the case for either one. I feel we’re like a sphere suspended between two magnets. I feel Leonard Cohen’s poetry is like that two. Sometimes he lights up the side of the levitating sphere that faces God, and at other times, sometimes in the same poem, he looks at the other side of the sphere, without letting us know he changed his perspective.

I love Leonard Cohen. I’m so thankful I got to see him in Bucharest this year.
Wrote about it on Wizzley: Leonard Cohen in Bucharest 2012

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