New Year's Resolutions

2013 New Year’s Resolutions: Slow Down, More Books, More Music, and Others

Christmas is upon us, and so is New Year’s Eve. And all the roses and flowers and grass I smelled this year was my coffee. I wish to slow down and smell some jasmine next year, as I did in the past.

There was a story a couple of years back about a gamer who spent 3 days and nights in front of his computer, after which he collapsed. Dead. There was another story, about a couple, involved in Second Life I think, who let their baby die while they were playing. Yes, computers are addictive. And they’re very tiring.

So I vote for (in no particular order)
1. More Books!

I also vote for
2. More Pilates in the morning, when I look like this:

I’d rather look like this:

3. More weekends away!
I get so involved with various work projects that I *forget* to take weekends away.

3b. A weekend trip to Sighisoara at the end of July for the medieval art festival

4. More photo shoots!

Yeah, this reminds me of old days too, when I took time to just roam the city in search of good stuff. And I did find it.
4b. More film shoots!
I started editing film clips this year. If only I got out enough to have enough film clips to work with!

5. Trips abroad in all seasons

6. And longer (5-6 days) trips to beautiful places in Romania!

7. More lunches, dinners, and nights out with friends!

8. More fiction and poetry writing!

9. More music concerts!
10. More peace, and more love!

Peace, Love, Music T-Shirt
Peace, Love, Music T-Shirt by weRband


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