What do I want for Christmas?

I want a greener world. I was walking downtown Bucharest yesterday and today and couldn’t breathe because of the car emissions. Bucharest is, after all, the most polluted capital in Europe. And during the holiday season, traffic is terrible, jammed everywhere. So I want a greener world and a greener Bucharest!

And here’s how I make that statement for now.

Other people join environmental NGOs, I customize mugs and T-shirts. And mousepads and notebooks, and other custom products. But I’m thinking of planting some trees as well and doing some photo projects. Which I’ve started, actually, with several beanstalks that I grew this summer. They entwined, and the result was fascinating to me. Trios of leaves everywhere, next to each other, the larger ones accompanied in no time by smaller ones, which then became medium as new leaves sprouted from another bud, the main stem growing taller and thicker as the young growths shot forth ever more luxuriant, with changes palpable seemingly by the hour. Such beauty. And so much inspiration.

So I don’t know what you want for Christmas, but maybe you’ll take a minute to think about my proposition: a greener world and a greener you.

I also want snow for Christmas, and a little bit of cold so I can enjoy my walks even more, and some love and some presents. And coffee with a lot of good books and good company.

I may want a lot out of a few days, but ’tis the season. Happy Holidays to you!

If you’re lost online at this moment trying to figure out some gifts for Christmas for your partner, here are my Christmas gifts ideas.


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