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The Revenant Characters Didn’t Do It for Me

There’s a scene in The Revenant where a placard reads “On est tous des sauvages” (“We are all savages”). It seems to be what this movie wanted to be about, to the detriment of character development, emotional reach, human warmth, and bonding between members of the hunting team. It succeeds, however, in showing the savage … Continue reading

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Have you tried MOOCs (massive open online courses)?

MOOCs are great. I’m taking a fabulous class on Social Psychology from Wesleyan University, and a beautiful class on Modern and Contemporary American Poetry from University of Pennsylvania, among others. The first one has dynamic lectures, punctuated by all sorts of visual information and snippets from social psychology experiments (something I so wished to have … Continue reading

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Have Your Wine Gift Stand Out: Customize the Box

Zazzle, the custom-made products store, keeps adding interesting lines to its customizable collection. Here are some ways you can personalize wine boxes. For a birthday gift (change age, name, and vintage) Circle patterned named 50th birthday wine box by Mylittleeden Shop for other wine boxes at Zazzle Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gift Diamond wedding anniversary heart … Continue reading

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Build Your Bar of Chocolate

Now you can customize bars of chocolate on Zazzle. You can pick the base (milk, dark, white) and toppings (lots of nuts: pecan, macademia, etc.; fruit: dried strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, etc.; coconut flakes, ginger, orange peel, lavender, pumpkin spice, etc.; and much more: Skittles, butterscotch, etc.). You can choose 5 toppings out … Continue reading