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Remember to Chase Butterflies; August Fair at the National Peasant Museum, and the Undercloud Festival There

So, the other day I was working on an old slogan of mine, “Remember to chase butterflies,” thinking how we should give ourselves time to “freestyle” now and then. So much of our time has become set aside for chores and internet activities that it seems hard to set time for things like walking about … Continue reading

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All you need is a little courage (to change a few things) and some gratitude. Maybe the other way around

You know the (famous bit of the) Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” Writing that out (instead of copy-pasting it) feels good, because it builds more awareness. Same thing happens with gratitude. Once you … Continue reading

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J’Adore Paris: Memories of a 1991 Trip to Paris / Or, Do It Today, For You May Not Be Able to Do It Tomorrow

My mother has this saying about not postponing things, which translates, word-for-word, as “What you can do today, you may not be able to do it tomorrow.” So she’s always struggling to match life’s opportunities with indomitable will and application. Trying a little bit too hard, in my opinion, but many things, big and small, … Continue reading

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Simona Halep’s Success and Some Musings on Courting Fate

Simona Halep won the women’s singles Wimbledon title yesterday, which brought great joy to this country (Romania) and all her fans—and which, coupled with a comment I read somewhere in a book, has started me thinking about “courting fate.” But how do you court fate exactly? Is it by keeping a sweet balance between taking … Continue reading